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    Seayuan  Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Seayuan Industrial Co., Ltd. operates a variety of active components (IC integrated circuits, storage chips, two, triode, etc.) and passive components (capacitors, resistors, inductors, etc.) and electromechanical components (connectors, switching devices) and other sensors to provide an omni-directional one station electronic component at the same time in carrying out the authorized distribution business of the original plant. Supply chain solutions include a series of solutions such as the original factory authorized distribution agent long-term order, the three day delivery supply scheme, the surplus material resale, the inventory optimization, the bill of material inventory and the small batch supply.
As the largest mixed distributor in China, seayuan Industrial Co., Ltd. is working to create a global mixed distributor pioneer. Through a variety of characteristic solutions to the supply chain of all directional electronic components, the supply chain management is continuously improved to help manufacturers in R & D, procurement, production, logistics, and warehouses To reduce costs and shorten delivery time at various levels of funds. In recent 
years, it has focused on the fields of sensors, UAVs, robots, charging piles, smart homes, medical devices and other industries. Now there are several international authorized agency lines: HUAWEI wireless module, Korean super capacitor brand Nesscap, European first brand switch device Germany Knitter-switch, South Korea HTC; American crystal oscillator Abracon; world leader in global circuit protection Cooper Bussmann; and Taiwan Solteam Opto Taiwan to Taiwan, Ding Feng micro electronics, and with its own excellent platform and professional level and stable customer base, the source technology also took Rom (ROHM), Yusheng technology, TE Connectivity, the United States Sensitron Semiconductor in the Chinese subsidiary Saunders microelectronic SMC, American fawmanet microelectronic FMD; Bo Yue electronic ASTM; English silicon crystal wave; East micro semiconductor, new Fu Er and other original authorized agent line.
The three day delivery scheme for the special service components is 24 hours a day for more than 500 manufacturers in the world to meet their production needs. At the same time, a small batch of new projects allows the customers to speed up the research and development of new products and enhance the competitiveness of the market. Spare parts inventory program successfully helps customers quickly return the funds to achieve the preservation and appreciation of raw materials.